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20 Reasons to Live - Suicide Prevention

20 Reasons to Live is a multi-genre suicide prevention album meant to uplift and inspire you.

This collective album was made by over 40 artists who care about you and who believe that suicide prevention is possible. We love you, we see you, we hear you, we believe you, we want you to live, we want you to find healing, and I know you can. The universe has your back and so do we.

We are proud to say that there was no exchange of money during the making of this album. Every person contributed their time, energy, and art because they believe in you and this life. These artists are people who are deeply empathetic, many of whom have lost loved ones to suicide. We need to uplift each other as a community and create a safe space for everyone to heal (and feel) however they may need. Your life is essential and important.

All royalties from streaming these suicide prevention tracks will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (a non-profit), where the money will be used to help support and uplift people who are struggling with suicidal thoughts.

Listen here:

Read the article below for more information about this album:

Credits: (in order of appearance)

Golden Goddess, Farukon, Dr. Gold, GDLK, Enamored, Okyn, Godyssey, Lyk Magik, Scooby Doop, üfonic, Jared Birdseye, Cryotik, Juicy Jesus, Metvtrxn, Sandyman, DetramentL, Dark Mattah, Madlon, Sam Hipp, Iris24k, J Shamaz, Edd Anso, Altered Space, and SW.

Artists: Graphick, FAR, Mouse Lab Media, Colorz, Kasey Hales, Rachel Connelly, BRASH Designs, Taylor Davis of 88th Wonder, CVEDES, Moonlitsoundz, Murlock Holms, Killer Space Bunny, ThugHippie, Sharabii, Luna Meraki, plus animated video coming soon by Katalina Aurora. Album Cover by GDLK

This album is dedicated to:

Prague, Johann VD, Feliz, Tim D. Rhoades, Deonte Rohan, Phyllis Combs, Jared Anderson, Sydney Sverre Anderson, Rhonda Delee, Austin, Chris, Alan, Chuck, Brian, Patrick, Deonte Rohan, Austin Wilson, Kyle Handley, Jerry Mondragon, Zack Shultis, Drayke Hardman, Scott “Styx”Webb, Eli Torres, Pockets Fitzgerald, Dominic Tochtrop, S.S., J.M., and many more.

Contact me for any reason at

I would appreciate every opportunity to perform these songs at mental health and suicide prevention events and festivals, feel free to contact me at

Deepest thank you to everyone involved and everyone who listens.

I am so proud of you for simply existing. ♡

We released a run of suicide prevention hoodies inspired by the album, and one inspired by the track “Where Did You Go?” Order yours at the link below: (Profits Donated)

20 Reasons to Live (Golden Goddess & Friends)

  1. Sense of Self - Golden Goddess feat. Dr. Gold (prod. Farukon)

  2. Safe Space - Golden Goddess (prod. GDLK)

  3. Free Love - Golden Goddess (prod. Enamored)

  4. Brighter than the Sun - Okyn feat. Golden Goddess

  5. Selfish - Golden Goddess (prod. Godyssey)

  6. Blue Lotus - Golden Goddess (prod. Lyk Magik)

  7. Tomorrow - GG X Scooby Doop (prod. GDLK)

  8. Where Did You Go? - Golden Goddess (prod. üfonic)

  9. In Control - Golden Goddess (prod. Cryotik)

  10. Mountain Beauty - Okyn feat. Golden Goddess

  11. Champion - Juicy Jesus feat. Golden Goddess

  12. Stay - Golden Goddess

  13. Be Someone - Golden Goddess (prod. Sandyman)

  14. United in Silence - DetramentL Remix feat. Golden Goddess

  15. Where You Belong - Golden Goddess (prod. Dark Mattah)

  16. Deep in Love - Golden Goddess (prod. Madlon)

  17. Where You Belong (Iris24k Remix)

  18. Ethereal Bliss - J Shamaz feat. Golden Goddess

  19. Edge of Everything - Golden Goddess (prod. üfonic)

  20. Stars Align - Golden Goddess (prod. S.W.)

Remember, Suicide Prevention is Possible!

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