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Survivor Box (Donation)

Survivor Box (Donation)

Thank you for being here. Our new Survivor box is an amazing opportunity radiate the love back into our community. This box is a donation to a local domestic violence shelter in Portland, Oregon. If you would like to have one of these boxes shipped to yourself, please specify at checkout and include your shipping address.


Every Survivor box includes:

~ Rose Gelato Soy Candle

~ Eucalyptus Bath Soak

~ 6 bags of Relaxation Tea
~ Notebook & Gel Pen

~ Surprise Crystal

~ "Survivor" 5x7 art print

~ Freedom Poem

~ Newsletter 

~ & More


Our initial donation of 40 boxes was made on 3/25/2021 to the domestic violence shelter Bradley Angle in Portland, Oregon. A follow up donation was made on 5/11. We will continue to make monthly donations and partner with them until we feel everyone being supported by their care has recieved a  Healing Hearts Box. 

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